I strive to separate myself from other breeders through my experience. I have been breeding since 2002.

I am always striving to better the breed by ensuring neither of the parents have health issues or allergies.

I’m always here for the new parents – available 24/7 to answer any questions, concerns or to resolve any problems that may arise. I’m always available after the kitten or puppy leaves for the lifetime of the pet to make sure there are no issues at the new home.

How did you get into breeding

About 20 years ago we bought our very first French Bulldog and fell in love with the breed right away.  I searched for the healthiest match for my beloved bulldog and they had the healthiest puppies.  Shortly after that we purchased a pair of high quality Main Coon cats from European lines after seeing the breed on a cat show… and the rest is history.

A little bit about myself

I am a self-employed person, also a stay at home mother of 6 children.  We are all involved in the breeding process as well as the socialization and delivery of the puppies and kittens.  When it’s the breeding season I am home 24/7 until the puppies and kittens leave.

About the Puppies and Kittens Enrichment & Socialization

Our puppies and kittens are daily socialized in our home environment and exposed to different situations animals and people. I utilize the following enrichment methods: Socialized with Children, Socialized with Adult Dogs and Cats, Socialized with Other Animals and Household Desensitization.

Additional benefits are often included with your puppy or kitten such as a small bag of food or a toy with their littermates’ scent.  I am available to discuss transition methods for transitioning your new pet onto alternative diets.

All puppies and kittens are vaccinated and dewormed before leaving to their new homes.